Located at 22020 Jefferson Blvd.         Class times:  Tuesday and Thursday 

                                                                                           6:00-7:00pm Children

                                                                                           7:00-8:30pm Adults

Tae Kwon Do and Self-Defense

Our Children's program for ages 5-12 teaches kids how and when it is appropriate to defend themselves. It also teaches them respect for themselves and others, self-confidence, self control, integrity, self-discipline and helps to keep them fit.  For our youngest beginners, we teach knowing right and left on cue, self-control, focus, and respect done in an environment that uses games, props and constant motion to encourage learning and participation. Children are required to bring their report cards in every marking period. The instructors reward them with a special belt stripe for doing well and help make a plan to improve if necessary.






Our Adult program for ages 13 and up combines all the virtues of our other programs but in an adult, more intense setting.  This well-rounded class incorporates traditional martial arts, realistic self-defense, and physical fitness.  It provides excellent stress relief and self-confidence for today's fast paced lives.

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