3 months of adult or kids classes 
(includes a uniform)



What is Smithˡrate?ﵲ root style is Tae Kwon Do.⵴ we are more than Tae Kwon Do.祠have incorporated many styles and the experience of our instructors and mentors to bring together the total package that we teach.䨩s includes realistic self-defense, tournament and free sparring, Japanese weapons and weapons䥦enses, ground fighting, Katas, control techniques, grab releases, basics, and cardio fitness.

We also teach the mental aspects of the martial arts and life itself.祠strive to instill the virtues that every student should want for themselves and every parent should want for their child.䨥se include respect for ones self and others, self control, integrity, self-discipline,ᮤ both physical and mental discipline.௳itive attitudes are the norm for our students and instructors and everyone is taught and encouraged to be a mentor and a teacher.祠also instruct on the legal aspects of self-defense.

How do we teach these things?祠teach martial arts in a structured, positive environment that combines the traditional and contemporary.䨩s environment is structured, yet桭ily oriented.௳itive reinforcement, positive peer pressure, patience, understanding and enthusiasm are all tools of our trade.ﵲ instructors are encouraged to always try to improve themselves and to pass this experience on to our students.祠also understand that as instructors, the things that we say and do (positive and negative) will never be forgotten by our students.

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